Headlight Restoration

Your headlights: essential tools for your comfort and safety.

When you are driving, over 90% of your decisions depend on what you see outside, in front of you. Therefore, on cloudy days or at night time, your headlights must be 100% effective. But are they really? Sunlight, sand, abrasives, ice and salt can rapidly damage your headlight lenses. Also, plastic lenses manufactured nowadays are much less resistant than glass lenses. Result: headlights lose their lighting effectiveness – sometimes up to 50 % – after only a few years of use. And that’s not all.

Highway Safety Code…

This code states that law enforcement officers may require cleaning your headlights when too dirty or damaged, and even inflict $60 to $100 fines to violators. Fortunately, experts at Metropolitan Rust Proofing have the expertise, quality products, and the right equipment to restore or maintain your headlights at the best quality-price ratio. This flyer presents these state-of-the-art services and other important facts concerning headlights.

According to a CAA-Quebec study*:

  • damaged lenses can reduce headlights’ lighting effectiveness by up to 50%;
  • 30 % of vehicles show obvious or very serious signs of headlight opacity;
  • a motorist travelling 50 km/h at night will have four more seconds to react to an emergency if the headlights are in good condtion and undamaged;
  • a driver of a vehicle with headlights in good condtion can see road signs 60 metres sooner than with damaged headlights, the improvement in visibility varies from 92% to 1200%.


CAA-Quebec recommends dealing with a specialized company to have your headlights checked every three years and have them renewed or restored when needed for best visibility.


Our Three Solutions For Your Headlights

This unique service restores your headlights’ illumination power.

  • Cleaning and masking around the lens with masking tape to protect car finish.
  • Repeated sanding to remove all headlight deterioration signs.
  • Polishing until like-new condition.

This service will prevent other damages to your headlights after their restoration.

  • Surface cleaning.
  • Further cleaning with specially formulated gel  for headlights.
  • Polishing for a sparkling finish.
  • Waxing to protect your headlights for a long time.

Our Exclusive Easy Care Product
Try our do-it-yourself headlight care product available in all our service centres, and keep your headlights looking lilke-new all the time.

* Source : CAA-Quebec study: worn-out headlights threaten safety, October 2010.