Lifetime Warranty

Treatment with a No-Charge Lifetime warranty

Your best protection against rust: Our rust proofing lifetime warranty

It's clear and simple: a car treated once a year by Metropolitan Rust Proofing will not rust! That is why we are proud to offer a no-charge lifetime guarantee to customers who want to have a new or used vehicle that is rust-free.

Whether your vehicle is new or used, the guarantee covers:

• All the body panels located below the window frames;
• Floors;
• Rocker panels;
• Bumpers.

The guarantee does not cover:

• Rust going from the outside to the inside of car body;
• Areas that are damaged due to accidents, scratches or acts of vandalism, as well as damage caused by external parts, mouldings or spoilers;
• Paint, fuel tank, fuel line, brake lines and exhaust system.

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