Treatment method

The quality of the treatment process is as important as the quality of the rust proofing product.

Yes, to ensure maximum protection against rust, the application process of the anticorrosion product is as important as the quality of the rust proofing. Every part of your vehicle must be treated using the best tools.
As for the application, Metropolitan Rust Proofing has developed an expertise that is unique in Quebec, as our company is the only one specializing in automotive rust proofing for over 30 years. Our engineering department is constantly working to optimize the application methods.

No matter the make of your vehicle, we will treat it according to its specifications. Our rust proofing application experts have a drilling manual, which lists all models of cars or trucks and their peculiarities, so that holes are drilling in the right places.

Whether your vehicle is new or not, you could be eligible for our rust proofing warranty, at no extra charge. The fact that we offer such a guarantee is the best proof of the quality of the application of our anticorrosion products.

If your car has an accident in the year following one of our treatments, we will treat the damaged parts again for free.

Application Steps

  • Vehicle Preparation
  • De-icing and/or Drying
  • Vehicle Undercarriage
  • Vehicle Body Interior
  • Window Cleaning
  • Vehicle Return
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