Advantage Treatment

Advantage Rust Proofing Treatment

In collaboration with a reputable scientific partner, Metropolitan Rust Proofing developed an exclusive rust proofing product: Advantage. This product does not drip after application and is a vegetable based oil, which makes it biodegradable and inoffensive to the environment. Furthermore, the product is enriched with anticorrosive ingredients.

The Advantage product forms a protective gel and a barrier against humidity which is the main cause of rust. Its fluidity is greater than grease, penetrating the most miniscule metal areas for a complete and durable protection for your vehicle.

The advantages of our Advantage Rust Proofing Product

  • Neutralizes pollutants’ corrosive action;
  • Effective, clean and guaranteed;
  • Adherent;
  • Seeps into every nook and cranny, crack and defect in metal and frames;
  • Prevents localized rust from settling in;
  • Effective on new and used vehicles;
  • Can be applied any time, any season.


To learn more about rust, the damage it causes to vehicles that are exposed to Quebec’s climate and the solutions to combat this “metal cancer,” click on the links that interest you.

How does rust form?

For rust or corrosion to form, three things are needed: the iron contained in metal, water and oxygen from the air.

While oxygen is always present, steel does not rust when the air is dry. If steel sheds water quickly, the corrosion doesn’t have time to form, but if metal retains moisture, it rusts. In addition, when steel is subjected to physical stress, such as sudden temperature changes, vibrations, etc., vulnerable areas can form that make iron more likely to rust.

What are the main factors that contribute to rust and why does a car rust as much during summer as in winter?

In this process of rust formation, water + air + iron, there are elements that can accelerate the development of corrosion:

  • Salt and calcium, which increase the conductivity of the water;
  • Air pollution and acid rain are very corrosive. As well, our air contains many more gases than it did 50 years ago, like sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide. This is why our cars rust more than our grandparents’ vehicles did.
  • Sudden temperature changes, especially when cool or cold weather becomes warm and humid. Actually, heat expands metal, which then allows the ambient or projected humidity to embed itself more easily into steel pores. Contrary to popular belief, metal rusts in hot weather, not in winter.

However, winter prepares the ground for the forming of vehicle corrosion with snow, mud, salt and calcium, and especially when wheels throw these materials violently at the undercarriages of cars and trucks.

Why is Quebec a paradise for rust?

In countries where the air is mostly dry, rust is not as much a problem as it is in Eastern North America. Did you know that on our continent, metal corrosion leads to over $ 150 billion in costs each year, and that’s only for businesses.

As the map indicates, Quebec is part of an area where powerful rust factors like air pollution and acid rain are particularly abundant. There are other reasons that make our part of the world a paradise for rust:

  • Our temperate climate with four seasons, which generates frequent sudden changes in temperature and humidity - two causes of corrosion;
  • Huge quantities of salt, calcium and sand poured on our roads, which is thrown at the vehicle body by the wheels. The result is cracks in the metal, which accelerates the formation of rust and where humidity settles. According to Transport Québec, each winter 600,000 tons of salt, 60,000 tons of abrasives (sand and crushed stone) and 1000 tons of calcium are spread on roads in the province.

How and where does rust attack a vehicle and why should it be treated with rust proofing every year?

Motor vehicles are very vulnerable to rust for several reasons.

  1. The assembly of a car or truck promotes the formation of rust. While it’s assembled, the parts of a vehicle suffer no less than 1500 folds and rivet points. This shaping damages the vehicle’s original rust proofing, which leads to the formation of rust. In addition, to offer their vehicles at a lower cost, manufacturers often use cheaper alloys that are lighter, but also more vulnerable to rust.

    For these reasons, if you have just purchased a new vehicle we recommend that it be treated immediately , even if the manufacturer guarantees it against rust. The corrosion will have no chance to settle, and you will benefit from our lifetime warranty against rust.

  2. A car has many concealed corners...where moisture still manages to settle! For example, this is true of the inside of doors or the hood, where water gets trapped without being able to evaporate. Fortunately, Metropolitan Rust Proofing treats these fragile areas and all others, like the rear fender, the doors and rocker panels.

  3. During winter, the undercarriages of cars are frequently subjected to harsh attacks from sand, salt and calcium being thrown by the wheels. In addition to being rust accelerants, these materials can even damage the best rust proofing, even yours. Because of the climate we live in, it is important to treat your car once a year.

Is rust always visible?

No. It begins as a microscopic form that is not visible to the naked eye. When it appears it is too late to act. Also, don’t forget about all the hidden areas of your car where rust can develop without you knowing: door panels and hood, rear fenders, frame, uprights and rocker panels. For these reasons, it is important to treat your car once a year to prevent rust from forming.

Do luxury vehicles rust less than economy cars?

Rust makes no distinction between a prestigious make and a small economy car. There is one simple reason for this: Both are made of metal, which is the base element that corrodes. Whether a car costs $10,000 or $150,000 does not change the process.

The solution: Our proven rust proofing that will help you save you a lot of money.

Treat your vehicle each year with one of our two proven products, Original or Advantage, which have been perfected by the Centre de recherche industrielle du Québec and the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières. This will ensure an effective and lasting protection against rust.

Because of their high fluidity, these rust proofing products penetrate the most hidden corners of the metal, which are ideal places for corrosion to form. In addition, our six-step process and our application tools (high pressure guns) enable us to treat the most inaccessible areas of your car, truck or RV.

An annual treatment will be a smart investment that will save you money in the long-term. You might be like one of more than 6,000 of our customers who come back to see us each year, and who keep their vehicles for 10 years or more. Imagine your savings: Thousands of dollars in purchasing costs and vehicle maintenance! To benefit from these advantages, visit the only Quebec company specializing in automobile rust proofing for over 30 years: Metropolitan Rust Proofing.

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